Adolescents are expected to negotiate increasingly difficult situations as they mature. This includes discovering and expressing their sexuality. Without the correct advice and care these young adults may take decisions that put their sexual health at risk.
In the South African context, where HIV prevalence is exceptionally high, effective counselling for teenagers is especially important. Despite this urgent need, many people working with adolescents are not equipped to provide the guidance that could help adolescents to properly negotiate these challenges and effectively manage their sexual health. Without training or reliable resources, imparting life skills and sharing information in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner can be extremely challenging.
Anova Health Institute developed this manual, which offers a solution and is an essential resource for all people working with adolescents. It provides trainers and facilitators with the necessary insight to work effectively with young adults. Using participatory learning methodology, the manual serves as a tool for facilitators, helping them to set up clubs where adolescents can explore their sexuality in a judgement-free space. The manual includes various other training methodologies like role-playing, case studies and small group work, which encourage maximum participation from the adolescent club members.
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