Yellow Dot Doctor

The Yellow Dot Doctor campaign is an innovative approach of reaching doctors in private practice with education, sensitisation and awareness of MSM health information. The goal of the campaign is to ensure the uptake of services of MSM patients and ensure that doctors are appropriately screening, diagnosing and retaining MSM patients in care. The campaign is also on an awareness drive to inform MSM that these Yellow Dot Doctors exist, that can cater to their specific needs.


Our Score4Life campaign offers free, safe and confidential HIV testing for men in a semi-permanent pop-up facility in the Alex Plaza shopping centre. Since its launch, over 12 500 men have tested and 913 of those tested positive. Anova in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Health and Johannesburg Health District, are seeing higher numbers of HIV-positive men between the ages of 35 and 50, which makes this demographic a key focus going forward. Testing is, however, just the first step in the HIV prevention and treatment process. To keep the channels of communication open and to provide linkages to localised services and care, participants will be issued with airtime to give them the means to access these services, regardless of their status.

JAB Smart

JAB Smart provides comprehensive harm reduction services to people who inject drugs (PWIDs) and their partners. Currently the project is working in Johannesburg, Region F, with plans to expand to Ekurhuleni.

Due to the frequency of sharing needles and common risky sexual behaviour, PWIDs have been identified as key populations, meaning they are vulnerable to HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and other blood-borne infections. They also face stigma, prejudice and lack of access to required health services. The most commonly injected drug in South Africa is heroine.

Currently the project is reaching PWIDs via their mobile health unit which travels to the areas where there is a high concentration of PWIDs. Staff provides harm reduction packs which includes bulk clean needles/syringes, alcohol swabs, filters, sterile water, cooking gear plus condoms and lubricant, and nuanced HIV-related information. They are offered testing for HIV and other STIs. Those that test positive are then linked to a clinic so they can start on treatment. They are also provided with basic wound management services.

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