Global Partnerships


Anova Global Programmes draws on the significant expertise and skill gained in South Africa by Anova to address Key Population (KP) health-related concerns across the wider region. Work here occurs in collaboration with several funders and partners. As one of the five core partners that make up USAID’s EQUIP Consortium, Anova is working to address the healthcare needs of KPs in relation to 90-90-90 targets and in relation to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Through EQUIP, Anova Global Programmes is providing technical assistance to countries to help make sure target groups are effectively identified and motivated to undertake HIV Testing Services, and that there are KP competent clinical services they can attend. This includes evaluating existing outreach programmes and putting in place measures to increase the number of KPs who are reached with information and the number who test for HIV. It also includes dedicated healthcare worker training to make sure that clinic staff are able to offer competent services to different KP groups. This work is currently underway in Mozambique with further activities planned for Lesotho, Zambia and Haiti. Through EQUIP, Anova Global Programmes also provides technical support on PrEP guideline development and PrEP demonstration projects. Anova is supporting PrEP demonstration projects, for example in Namibia, and is exploring the possibility of such projects in a range of other EQUIP countries.

Anova is also collaborating with other partners, such as FHI360 in Malawi and Médecins Sans Frontières in Mozambique. Here work also focuses on addressing outreach and engagement strategies and providing detailed training packages for clinic staff. In Botswana, work with FHI360 is supporting the development of a large-scale communications campaign for men who have sex with men.

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