Anova is a leader in the field of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) care in South Africa.

STIs constitute a large burden of disease affecting genital and reproductive health and may facilitate HIV transmission. Anova has strong expertise on clinical management, epidemiology and public health aspects of STIs in general, but men who have sex with men (MSM) and (pregnant) women living in rural areas constitute a focus group. In our programmes we use an integrated approach of delivery of expert-level clinical care with capacity building efforts through technical assistance, in order to reduce the burden of STIs in South Africa.

In line with Anova’s mission to improve STI care, and in addition to aforementioned activities, we are currently running two exciting projects.

  • The first aims to address the unmet need for care of reproductive tract infections in rural communities. This is achieved through mobilisation of symptomatic individuals through information provided at the healthcare facility and by community healthcare workers and traditional leaders in Mopani District. Individuals receive treatment for any underlying condition and are offered HIV counselling and testing, with considerably high positivity yield.
  • The second project focuses on management of urethral and rectal STIs in MSM at the Health4Men Centres of Excellence in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Specific attention is given to addressing the burden of asymptomatic infections as well as the potential presence of drug-resistant infections.
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