Medical Male Circumcision (MMC)

Medical male circumcision (MMC) is a cost-efficient HIV prevention strategy, and research has shown that it reduces male HIV sexual acquisition risk by up to 60%.

Anova assists the Department of Health (DoH) with the promotion of MMC by finding innovative ways of encouraging men to take up this option in aid of their sexual health.

Anova appointed linkage officers in ten high volume clinics (eight in Johannesburg and two in Mopani) who are responsible for educating clients about MMC and referring them to MMC clinics for circumcision at no cost. Anova also promotes MMC as one of the HIV prevention strategies at all our community outreach events.

In the past, Anova assisted the DoH with the development of national guidelines, setting up of provincial meetings and supporting the expansion of MMC sites. We provided transport in rural areas to the circumcision sites and ran a couple of mobile health units, which offered free circumcision onsite in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Free State provinces for more than five years. On average, we delivered over 15 000 MMCs a year. This mobilisation campaign ended in 2015, and we have subsequently donated all the vans to Right to Care.

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