The 7th SA Conference took place from 9 to 12 June 2015 at the Durban International Convention centre (ICC). The conference showcased the progress the country has made in the fight against HIV and AIDS and highlight Durban’s position as a leading conferencing city. The Anova Health Institute presented 20 poster presentations and three oral presentaions as well as showcasing our work at an exhibition stand throughout the conference.

The 2015 Conference was themed: Reflection, Refocus and Renewal offers an opportunity to bridge the divides that separate physicians and patients, researchers and the researched, youth and elders, institutions and clients, citizens and services, partners and families, the healthy and the suffering.

Please see poster presentations presented by our staff at the conference below:

 Viral Hepatitis among MSM and use recreational drugs in Cape Town

 Research-Implementing an innovative harm reduction

 Infant feeding knowledge, intention and practice among HIV-positive and negative women in Soweto

 Grab the Gap

 Alcohol and drinking venues in MSM community life in Mpumalanga, South Africa: Implications for HIV prevention

 Strengthening of ophthalmic services is required for HIV-positive individuals in rural South Africa

 Lessons from the South African Men who have Sex with Men ! Data Triangulation Process

 Is the involvement of NPOs vital for the establishment of Ward Based Outreach teams? A comparison of Gauteng and Limpopo

 Perceptions and Limitations of the use of mHealth for WBOTs in Mopani

 Successful integration of TB and HIV care at primary healthcare facilities: Experiences from Soweto

 Beyond sensitisation: The effects of stigmatisation within MSM social networks on health seeking behaviour

 Knowledge, Attitude and Beliefs regarding PEP among MSM

 Self reported HIV testing behaviour in South African MSM in an internet based survey

 Ocular complications of herpes zoster ophthalmicus in rural South Africa

 Expanding use of TIER.Net

 Uveitis is predominantly of infectious origin in HIV-positive individuals in rural South Africa

 Defaulter Tracing of Patients Receiving ART in a Primary Healthcare setting in Johannesburg Health District using Ward-based Outreach Teams and Routine Data

 Successes and challenges of implementing a support group for HIV-positive adolescents

 Engaging MSM and WSW in project implementation

 Strengthening access to healthcare for MSM and WSW


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