Informal Summaries

Research to ACTION

Anova presents a series of Informal Summaries which are an effective way of bringing important research to a wide audience. The following downloadable informal summaries can be read in a short time, making research findings easily digestible - increasing the likelihood of research being read and acted upon.

Expand your TOOLKIT

With each informal summary, you will find tools such as best practices, models and informative guides. We hope you will use these and apply these.

Let’s make this possible

Feel free to download the informal summaries below and share with your networks. The aim is that these travel to an expanding circle of readers to make research and knowledge accessible.

List of Informal Summaries:

What can we learn from our Adolescent Programme in Mopani District?

featuring a Best Practices Tool for Adolescent Programming and AYFS.

90-90-90 implementation strategies: The “3 by 90 Hotspot Model”

featuring a tool for Participatory policy implementation: The Anova Cape Winelands Model of Support.

Baseline CD4 counts are important for client care & ART programmes even 
in the era of UTT

featuring a guide using baseline CD4 counts for patient care and ART programmes monitoring.
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