Anova has a dedicated and highly skilled marketing team supporting all the Anova programmes, projects and campaigns with digital content, as well as brand and communication expertise.

We strategically manage all social media platforms and content, provide digital solutions, and embrace new technologies to improve our existing channels of communication, so we can meet the demands of our growing audiences and keep up with global trends. We are actively involved in the “goings on” at Anova, and are constantly evolving and innovating our communication strategy, media, PR, creative elements and marketing insights.

Brand management and communicating our work positively is a focus, in line with our branding/design guidelines. We maintain our corporate identity through digital channels, marketing material, multimedia resources, campaigns and communication collateral. We have specific branding and design guidelines that resonate throughout our work depending on the project and its messaging. Our team liaises with media and PR when needed, to highlight the innovative work being done by our staff throughout Southern Africa and beyond.

Anova produces various forms of public-facing communication for our different projects and campaigns aimed at the public. Multi-tiered forms of sharing information include articles (online and in print), social media posts (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) and other information imparting tools like hosting events, billboards and distributing collateral (such as posters, stickers, pamphlets, etc.) for conferences, clinics and community outreach events.

We also manage the Anova website, making sure it is regularly updated with relevant news on the work we do nationally and abroad and making use of cutting edge multimedia content sharing tools. Much of the information geared towards the public, focuses on primary healthcare support, prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as antiretroviral treatment (ART) and adherence. The content also serves to highlight resources and facilities available to the public for HIV Testing Services (HTS) and ART, such as the Health4Men Clinics.

Most of Anova’s public facing content promotes sexual health and creates awareness of various referral pathways that encourage behaviour conducive to positive sexual health.

Logistics for all our marketing material are managed at our head office in Parktown, Johannesburg. This includes promotional material and equipment, training material and IEC material for all our campaigns, programmes and projects such as gazebos, banners, shirts, condoms and lubricant. Our Logistics Department disseminates all our material nationally to all our competent clinics and provincial offices.

Programme coordinators, nurse mentors and outreach teams are in constant communication with logistics to ensure the relevant material is available to the teams that need it.

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