Updated Southern African guidelines on the safe use of PrEP in persons at risk of acquiring HIV-1 infection

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society published its first set of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) guidelines in June 2012 for men who have sex with men (MSM) who are at risk of HIV infection. The Society's updated PrEP guidelines can be found on their website here.

With the flurry of data that has been generated in PrEP clinical research since the first guidelines, it became evident that there was a need to revise and expand the PrEP guidelines with new evidence of safety and efficacy of PrEP in several populations, including MSM, transgender persons, heterosexual men and women, HIV-serodiscordant couples and people who inject drugs. This need is particularly relevant following the World Health Organization (WHO) Consolidated Treatment Guidelines released in September 2015.

These guidelines advise that PrEP is a highly effective, safe, biomedical option for HIV prevention that can be incorporated with other combination prevention strategies in Southern Africa, given the high prevalence of HIV in the region. PrEP should be tailored to populations at highest risk of HIV acquisition.

Dr. Kevin Rebe, Specialist Medical Consultant of Anova Health Institute:
"I am extremely happy that the society has released updated and expanded PrEP guidelines.  These guidelines consider and include the latest evidence regarding the use of PrEP and will be a valuable educational and clinical tool for health providers.  I hope that publication and dissemination of these guidelines will promote the use of PrEP in South Africa.  PrEP has the potential to make a dramatic contribution to our fight against HIV/AIDS and will assist the country in meeting it’s 90/90/90 targets.  The Anova Health Institute is currently running PrEP demonstration projects for men who have sex with men which align with these newly published guidelines.  We are also working with the National Department of Health, providing technical assistance to promote the scale up of PrEP in the state health sector."  

Click here to download the guidelines.

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