Testicular cancer in the spotlight this month

The Testicular Cancer Society observes April as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.  Here are some fast facts about it:

  • If testicular cancer is detected early it is 95% curable
  • Approximately 50% of men with testicular cancer ignore initial symptoms and do not seek medical advice until the cancer has spread to other parts of the body
  • Testicular cancer is found in men of all ages, but is most prevalent in men aged 15 to 35
  • 1 out of 270 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer
  • If treated, the risk of dying from testicular cancer is very low (1 in 5000)
  • Testicular cancer effects men of all races, but Caucasian men are diagnosed most frequently
  • More young adult men die from testicular cancer than women do from breast cancer
  • A man is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour and the rate of testicular cancer is increasing
  • Regular testicular self-examination is highly effective in early diagnosis
  • Early signs of testicular cancer include hard lumps or hardening of the testicles, shrinkage or enlarging of the testicles; heaviness and excess fluid in the scrotum, and tenderness and pain in the abdomen, lower back and male breast tissue

For more info on testicular cancer and how to do a self examination go through to the article featured on Health4Men.co.za.

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