New TB Module takes TIER.Net to the next level

Anova is  assisting the DoH with piloting a new TB Module that will assist the department in dropping the data capturing paperweight and becoming more agile and efficient – digitally.

Data capturing can be cumbersome. Often, the information would be more useful if it could be loaded more easily and the data made available sooner, particularly in the rapidly changing antiretroviral therapy (ART) and TB landscape. In the past, a lot of the data on HIV and TB at primary healthcare level was kept seperate, despite high co-infection of TB and HIV. ART data has been digitised at facility level using TIER.Net with TB data being manually entered into a paper register But this is about to change. The new TB module in TIER.Net can be used to capture patient level TB data electronically and provide facility level reports at the click of a button.

Theunis Hurter, Programme Manager in Data and Information Systems at Anova, is excited at this new prospect, saying: “More people need to know that Anova is at the forefront of implementing  monitoring and evaluation technology. The new TB Module we have piloted for the Department of Health is making data harvesting for integrated TB and HIV information systems more efficient and immediately accessible in order to be used for improving client care at facility level.”

The new TB Module’s integrated software provides better (ever evolving) understanding of burden, co-infection and the access to services by an individual and catchment population and provides the staff at the facility with patient management reports at the click of a button. This is all part of the long term national vision of having an electronic primary healthcare system, a “one stop shop” for all health data.

The second phase of testing the module consisting of a ‘learning installation’ has just been completed and  aimed to better understand and document best practices in implementing the system at facility level. Understanding the change management processes will be integral in rolling this system out to all PHC facilities in the country.  By learning from the work Anova has done with implementing the module, the DoH and other partners can plan for a smoother and successful rollout to other sites in the country.

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