Innovative approach to healthcare

Anova recently appeared in a Department of Health publication celebrating their work in the public health space and acknowledged some of their partners for their support in making good quality a healthcare a reality.

Anova’s significant support to the Department of Health’s HIV/TB programme contributes to achieving the objectives of the National Strategic Plan for HIV and TB.

Some of the key successes resulting from Anova’s support include:

  • Consistently low mother-to-child HIV transmission rates of below 1% in the last five years
  • NIMART (nurse-initiated management of antiretroviral treatment) training and mentoring of over 1 500 Department of Health nurses has increased the number of clients on HIV treatment. In Anova-supported sites in the Johannesburg district, the number of people on antiretrovirals increased from 68 000 to over 180 000 between 2012 and 2017, and similarly in the Mopani district, from 31 700 to 86 000
  • Strengthening of TB/HIV integrated services and improving quality of care. In Johannesburg, this proportion of co-infected clients initiating antiretrovirals improved from 50% to an impressive 89% between 2012 and 2017. In Limpopo’s Mopani District, the increase in ART was dramatic: from 26% to 96%
  • Implementation of pioneering and successful Key Population programmes aimed at reaching communities and people who are most vulnerable to HIV infection

Read here for the full article, pg 32-33.

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