HIV-positive child in remission without treatment

In an exciting new development in the fight against HIV, it was announced today that a 9-year-old child is in remission from HIV infection since stopping antiretroviral treatment at one year of age. The child participated in the randomized CHER trial, which has already provided evidence for very early treatment in HIV infected children that changed global practice.

CHER was part of the NIH funded CIPRA-SA South African collaborative grant that Anova CEO Prof James McIntyre was privileged to lead as Principal Investigator.

This child is a only the third reported with long term remission, the first in Africa, and the first from a randomized trial setting. It is a very important case in helping us pursue HIV cure in children. Congratulations to CHER lead researchers Avy Violari and Mark Cotton for their dedicated follow up of these children and scientific success.

Read here for more on the story

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