Dr K. Mahomed, HIV Specialist and Yellow Dot Doctor at Your Service!

Dr K, as she is affectionately known by her patients, is an HIV Specialist that can be found on the Yellow Dot Doctor Directory:  www.yellowdotdoctor.co.za

She is an animated and passionate practitioner that has helped hundreds of people over the years gain access to medication that both treats and prevents HIV.

“I’m a professional”, she says, adamantly. “I am not here to judge my patients, I am here to help them and treat them. Anyone is welcome to come and see me about HIV prevention or treatment and other sexually transmitted infections and co-infections for treatment.”

Dr K. is passionate about helping HIV-negative individuals who are at high-risk of HIV transmission to gain access to treatment as prevention solutions (TasP) like PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).   She is just as driven to get HIV-positive people on ARV treatment so that their viral load can become undetectable and they cannot pass it on.

“Some couples come in here to see me and are discordant, meaning one is HIV-negative and the other is HIV-positive.  I can provide them with medication that can keep them both strong and healthy and also prevent the HIV-negative person from becoming HIV-positive.”

Dr K believes that a directory like Yellow Dot Doctor is very important as there are still general practitioners who know very little about the strides that have been made in HIV treatment and prevention.

“It’s so important to see a specialist.  You want to come and see someone who is an expert in the field of HIV and not someone who isn’t sure what they are talking about.  Come and see me!”

Dr K provides guidance on how men who have sex with men can save costs and make the most of their medical aid to gain access to HIV prevention or treatment medication, and for those who have no medical aid she offers an affordable once-off R300 fee and provides PrEP to these patients at cost.

Yellow Dot Doctor is proud to be associated with Dr K. Mahomed.

Dr K. Mahomed can be reached at Netcare Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg on 011 495 5000.  House 10C 35 Bartlett Road, Mayfair West.

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