Data visualisation wins best research poster at SA AIDS

Joshua Murphy from Anova’s Health Systems and Advisory Services team won Discovery Health’s Clinical Excellence Award: Best Research Poster at the SA AIDS conference in Durban in June. He plans to direct his award to a community-based organisation doing HIV prevention and treatment work.

Joshua, who was surprised and proud at receiving the award, said: "Coming to the SA AIDS conference is always an honour and a privilege. It’s a powerful event with so much history and a big responsibility providing recommendations, sharing successes and areas of improvement for the world’s largest HIV treatment programme. At my first conference in 2013, I was struck by how much I felt a part of the community of those working in this field – from South African Department of health to academics and local NGO partners, it’s always nice to see friends and share updates."

"I think demand for data visualisation and use of routine data is growing rapidly in South Africa. We have access to more and more data at our fingertips and now’s the time to put that data to good use – to inform programme, prioritise, and provide better services to clients and communities. To use the cliché, we’re moving away from ‘being data rich and information poor – to being both data and information rich."

The SA AIDS Conference highlighted the progress South Africa has made in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The Anova Health Institute presented 20 poster presentations and three oral presentaions as well as showcasing their work at an exhibition stand throughout the conference.

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