Anova's HSS symposium a roaring success

Anova’s third annual health systems strengthening symposium titled ‘Mastering effectiveness and efficiency in HSS’ wrapped up on Thursday, with breakaway sessions focusing on quality improvement, strategic information, pharmacy and supply chain and primary healthcare re-engineering.

Anova’s Dr Cephas Chikanda opened emphasising the critical role that community healthcare workers could play in boosting the primary healthcare system, using the examples of Ethiopia and Rwanda.

In one breakaway session Mr Theunis Hurter talked about the need to integrate a specialised TB module into the TIER.Net health management system in order to address gaps in patient monitoring.

In the PHC re-engineering session, Prof CC Jinabhai pointed out that communities did not trust the primary healthcare system and as a result bypassed PHC facilities, putting unnecessary strain on specialised healthcare facilities.

The quality improvement breakaway session saw delegates being walked through The Aurum Institute’s how to tool for quality improvement.

The conference indicated that advancements in HSS are filtering through to those most in need of it, however delegates were reminded of the challenges that still plague South Africa’s public health facilities. Delegates left feeling reinvigorated with a renewed sense of passion around their role in boosting South Africa’s public healthcare system and showing more compassion for clients.


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