Anova announces CEO Retirement and Succession Plan

The Board of Directors of the Anova Health Institute NPC is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Moyahabo Mabitsi as Joint Chief Executive Officer of Anova with effect from April 2024.

Dr Mabitsi, who will join Dr Helen Struthers as Joint CEO, has many years’ experience in leading large grant-funded public health programmes in South Africa. She has been a member of Anova’s Board since 2018.

Dr Struthers will be stepping down from the Anova CEO position at the end of 2024, on reaching retirement age. She remains committed to the success of the organisation.

The Board also welcomes the appointment of Dr Diana Mokoena as Chief of Party of the PEPFAR/USAID funded APACE grant. This is one of the largest and most complex PEPFAR programmes in the world. Dr Mokoena will lead a dedicated team of experienced programme and technical specialists. Both Dr Mabitsi and Dr Struthers will continue to provide technical and management expertise to all Anova’s activities, including the APACE programme.

Since 2009, as one of the founders and Chief Operations Officer of Anova, Dr Struthers led the PEPFAR/USAID and other grant funded public health implementation programmes as Chief of Party. During this time Anova grew to be one of the largest and most successful Health NGOs in Africa. After Dr Struthers stepped into the CEO position, Dr Mabitsi took on the role as Chief of Party and Chief Medical Director.

This announcement is the culmination of a multiyear succession plan which builds on Anova’s strengths and advances our transformation strategy. We have every confidence in Dr Mabitsi’s ability to lead the organisation and ensure the seamless transition of the CEO role.

Dr Mabitsi and Dr Mokoena are shining examples of Anova’s commitment to develop and nurture our internal talent. They have demonstrated their commitment and ability in leading a range of Anova’s health programmes.

Ms Faith Mayimela-Hashatse

Board Chair



For more information, please contact:

Sibonisiwe Dube
Head of Marketing, Anova Health Institute
Tel +27 11 581 5007

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