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Anova has developed various projects in different parts of South Africa in an effort to bring their expertise to the community.

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There is growing acknowledgement that at-risk populations should be a priority for HIV programming. This is entrenched in the latest National Strategic Plan (2012-2016) where for the first time men who have sex with men (MSM) were identified as a priority group.

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Cape Winelands

In the Cape Winelands health district of the Western Cape, Anova works in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Health to support and expand access to HIV-services. Anova currently supports 73 primary healthcare facilities in the area.

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Anova’s Tirisanong project partners with the City of Johannesburg and the Gauteng Department of Health (DoH) to support and strengthen healthcare facilities in and around the iconic and bustling area of Soweto.

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Health4Women is a new project of the Anova Health Institute in South Africa that highlights sexual health of women who have sex with women (WSW). Sexual health is more than just protecting yourself against HIV and STIs. Sexual health includes complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of a disease. It also includes the reproductive health, sexual hygiene and functions of all systems and stages of life.

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Khutšo Kurhula

Anova’s support in the Mopani district in Limpopo has evolved from service delivery to offering technical support to existing staff, improving infrastructure and imparting skills for a long-term effect. At present the Anova team in this region supports all 100 primary healthcare facilities and 7 hospitals in Mopani.

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Family Free

Anova’s Family Free project aims to improve healthcare services through awareness and education in the rural Mopani district in Limpopo, South Africa. Founded in 2008, the project is funded by Orange Babies Netherlands and works alongside Anova’s Limpopo-based Khutšo Kurhula team.

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Mopani Eye Project

The Mopani Eye Project aims to improve ophthalmological expertise, skills and health systems in a rural South African context. To achieve this, a parallel approach is implemented whereby clinical research is combined with health systems strengthening support at primary healthcare as well as hospital level.

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