The Anova Health Institute strives for the highest standards of ethical behaviour across all of our activities.

The objective of this code of ethics is to ensure that all employees engaged by Anova adhere to the same code of conduct.

In this regard all Anova employees are required to:

  • be accountable for decisions made;
  • be helpful to each other;
  • be results-oriented;
  • be committed to achieve the mission of Anova;
  • be committed to gender diversity and equality;
  • be committed to learning from our successes and failures to improve performance;
  • be committed to building each other’s capacity;
  • be transparent in decision making and communication;
  • contribute to teamwork;
  • show initiative;
  • be honest in dealings with staff and other stakeholders;
  • respect each other’s opinions and differences;
  • share knowledge, experiences, skills and information; and
  • treat each other with respect.